Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Dear Blog and everybody else who reads this!

Once i believed that a good story starts with "once upon a time", but not this one.

This story started on the 08.09.2013 , the Day my dear wife told me she is about to sell the engagement ring that i gave her. Well, to be honest i should have foretold it a long time ago. You probably ask "how could you foretell such a thing?" so i'll tell you.

I'm a 35 y.o. guy, married as you already know, i have a 10 months old boy and a dog.
My wife and I are both working hard to make a living, and the expenses are too high.
Several months ago my wife told me that she has a ring her friends gave her for birthday and she doesn't like it and therefore will not wear it. She offered to sell it, so we published it and sold it. That ring wasn't so important for me and i didn't considered
it significant.
Only now I understood how bad the situation was. And now I want to prevent the
same sitation but in this case the ring is very meaningfull to me. I have little time to raise the money and to prevent the selling of our engagment ring.

My dear blog readers I'll keep you posted of my achievements....
Wish me luck :)
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